Medical Devices - Improve your competence, let EasyCare equip you the right devices

18.03.2019 0 Ali Raza
Medical Devices - Improve your competence, let EasyCare equip you the right devices

Who ever knew that in becoming a scientist, you would be managing budgets, planning meetings and de-escalating conflicts? That’s the magic of being a lab manager. Lab managers are critical pieces of the lab framework and those skills are all so crucial to helping your lab run as smoothly and effectively as possible. The results of your lab group -- from morale to actual publishable data -- rests largely in your hands. Below we’ve rounded up some of tips for your stint as a lab manager.


Stay on good terms with your PI

A PI is there to help you and the lab maintain a high level of accuracy, integrity, and productivity in your research. Don’t alienate your PI!



Taking time to listen to the people around you is important; a lot can be learned from your lab members.This helps you guys work as a team and also helps to give all the team members a different perspectives on your research than if you work on your own. It’s hard to consider everything and all variables at once, so maybe someone will point out easier ways to do things than you realized


Keep up to date with your latest research

Make time in your schedule for reading and research; this is something often missed out by faculty members. If you are reading the latest research, you can keep up to date with the going-ons of the lab and also help others keep in mind the big picture.


Have regular meetings

Have regular (e.g. weekly) lab meetings can really help keep all members up-to-date with overall lab progress. This sets aside a time to allow members to have good communication with everyone. It’ll keep the lab organized and focused on the goals, as well as provide a time to brainstorm and think together.


Hone your management skills

Being a lab manager isn’t all about the science. Skills in people management, communication and leadership are equally important to ensure your lab runs as smoothly as possible. If you don’t know how to manage people, no matter how smart all the researchers in your lab are, you’ll have trouble getting the lab to function in a collaborative fashion.


Buy your products from a trusted online source like EasyCare.

There are so many things you should get for your lab, but as a lab manager, you owe it to them to get them good products that will last. It’s important that you choose who you buy from very carefully. You want to know that your products are top-of-the-line and will keep your lab results safe. We at EasyCare know this and take this job seriously. We have free shipping and returns and warranties. We source our items from all over the world to make sure that it’s the best in the world. Check out our Medical Devices section where you’re sure to find anything you need.



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