SENIOR HOMECARE - Buy your parents’ products from a trusted source.

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SENIOR HOMECARE - Buy your parents’ products from a trusted source.

As your parents get older, they’ll have more and more needs to be taken care of. This might seem to be a heartbreaking time, but as a matter of fact, many older adults are still able to lead active, fulfilling lives, contrary to the stereotype of aging grandparents sitting passively on rocking chairs waiting for family visits. Regardless of how active they may be, shopping for products that your senior parents may need will become a necessity. When you have to become a “parent” to your parents, here are some tips to keep in mind. You, as children, can still help your parents be healthy and satisfied and independent.


Empathize with your parents.

Sometimes you might be taken aback by your parents’ frustration, moody behavior or neediness. In fact, on some days, they might be downright unpleasant to be around. But it’s important to be empathetic and understand where they’re coming from. Consider how you’d feel if you were in their situation. So call them regularly.


Get other family involved.

When helping your parents, don’t take on all the responsibility yourself, unless you have to. Maybe your family can emails updates to each other any time a sibling visits their parents. This not only provides information on their parents’ health and current situation, but it also makes it easier to coordinate visits and share responsibilities, she said. Communication among family members also is key when parents need financial help. Siblings can also help offset expenses by giving your parents a little bit of money every month — they just need to know what the financial need is in order to be able to make the decision to help.


Stay alert for potential problems.

Walk around your parents’ home, and scrutinize the surroundings for any necessary repairs or changes. For instance, look out for uneven flooring, handrails and well-lit hallways and stairs. Also, check if essential items are within reach and emergency contact information is next to the phone.


Advocate for your parents.

If your parent has an illness, make sure both of you have a good grasp of what that means and what treatment entails. Know the medications they’re taking and when they’re supposed to be taken. If you’re accompanying them to appointments, ask questions, and take notes.


 Don’t be bossy when you help them downsize.

When helping your parents downsize, don’t tell them what they should and shouldn’t keep or toss anything unless you have their permission because you should realize that your parents have many memories and treasure things that remind them of relatives and happy events.


Buy your parents’ products from a trusted source. 

There are so many things you should get for the aging people in your life, but really, the most important thing is that you choose who you buy from very carefully. You want to know that your products are top-of-the-line and will keep your parents safe. We at EasyCare know this and take this job so seriously.  That’s why we source our items from all over the world to make sure that it’s the best in the world. Not only that, but we have free shipping and free returns with warranties.


You’ve got old folks with you, shower ‘em with premium senior care products from trusted online brand, EasyCare.


Check out our Senior Home Care section where you’re sure to find anything you need.


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