CLINIC DISPOSABLES - Advantages of buying clinic disposables ONLINE

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CLINIC DISPOSABLES - Advantages of buying clinic disposables ONLINE

Disposable clinic medical devices are the next sliced bread. They’re often safer to use! Why? If a disposable medical device has never been used before, how could there be any possible residue or contamination from previous applications? 


According to research and data, the medical world is actually moving towards using more disposables. Part of this is because  hard to make cleanable items. To ensure an optimal germ barrier, for example, the materials must be impermeable to microbes, free of microorganisms and organic residues, lint-free, liquid-impermeable, tear-, tensile- and pressure-resistant. That can get so expensive! Also, even if you’re regularly sterilizing,  you just cannot always guarantee all of this 100 percent. Actually, a study published in the ‘Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery’ discovered that the frequency of infections in the study group with disposable surgical drapes was 68 percent lower than in the group using reusables.


Using disposable products helps with so many aspects of running a clinic. Supply logistics, for instance, get a lot simpler. If inventory lost, broken, or stolen, that takes a significant amount of money and time from a healthcare center, whereas single-use instruments allow for supply tracking and ensure there isn’t an abundance of one tool, which can tie up capital.

Risk management is another area that benefits - it’s so easy to spread disease and infection in a medical facility because of what it inherently is. Consistently use new, sterile disposables and that problem goes away. Even with waste, your clinic could benefit from using disposables. You might think that single-use tools leave a large environmental footprint... guess what? So does the energy, water, detergent, steam, and electricity used to decontaminate reusable tools.


Using disposables can be really beneficial to your clinic. You might need good quality disposable oxygen masks. Maybe you need new, fashionable scrubs. Maybe you need some safety work clothes. Or you’re in need of drainable colostomy bags


The best way to ensure good results with using disposable items, however, is your supplier.  Choose who you buy from very carefully. You want to know that your products are top-of-the-line and will keep your patients safe. Just because they’re disposable doesn’t mean they should be poorly made or low quality.


We at EasyCare know this and take this job seriously. That’s why we source our items from all over the world to make sure that it’s the best in the world. That’s why we have warranties and free returns. Check out our Clinic Disposables section where you’re sure to find anything you need.

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