40Pcs Hot Capsicum Plaster Pain Relief Patch

40Pcs Hot Capsicum Plaster Pain Relief Patch

Brand Name:SumifunItem Name:Sumifun Capsicum Plaster-HotDelivery Time:In Stock With Fast DeliveryFunction:Muscle Ache,Muscular Fatigue Arthritis,Joint Pain,Back/Neck/ MassageFeatures:Porous/waterproof and sweatproofback massager:medical plasterneck massager:orthopedic plastervaricosity:Body massagemedicated plasters:patch from backachePackage:40pcs /5bags / 1 lot
$ 8.56 USD
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Brand Name:Sumifun

Item Name:Sumifun Capsicum Plaster-Hot

Delivery Time:In Stock With Fast Delivery

Function:Muscle Ache,Muscular Fatigue Arthritis,Joint Pain,Back/Neck/ Massage

Features:Porous/waterproof and sweatproof

back massager:medical plaster

neck massager:orthopedic plaster

varicosity:Body massage

medicated plasters:patch from backache

Package:40pcs /5bags / 1 lot